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We are able to advise and assist you through the complex area of fertility law including; sperm and egg donation and surrogacy.

We advise married couples, couples in civil partnerships, unmarried couples and single people on this fast paced and complex area of law and ensure that we provide clear advice and understanding on all your options.

We work with top barristers in London and from around the major cities in the UK when necessary on respect of any relevant Court work.

We can advise you on the following areas:

Sperm and Egg Donation

Whether you are considering donating or you are considering using a donated gamete it is important to know the legal implications and consequences of this.

This is an area of law that has seen many changes, particularly in the last five years; we can advise you through this including

  • whether a donor can/will stay anonymous
  • advice on whether a donor has any legal responsibilities for a child
  • advice and guidance should you choose to use a known donor or co-parent


Surrogacy takes two forms:

  • The traditional form where the birth mother carries the child and her egg is used.
  • Due to the advances of science host or gestational surrogacy is the second form and is where the birth mother has no biological link to the child as a donor egg or the intended mother’s egg is used.

Surrogacy is governed by clear rules in order to protect all those involved. We guide you though this.

Of key significance in surrogacy cases is that in both forms of surrogacy the birth mother is automatically recognised legally as the child’s mother and this is only changed by application and granting of a Parental Order by the Court. We can represent you though this process.

Inheritance implications for Family Members

This is a vital aspect of advice that is frequently overlooked at a time when surrogacy or adoption is being considered for understandable reasons. However, the legal consequence of each of these options has a significant impact on the laws relating to wills and inheritance generally.

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