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Jul 8, 2013

Do You Have a Lodger?

Following the recent television coverage on the subject of lodgers, as seen in Coronation Street, the importance of thinking about what will happen to that person in the event of your death has been highlighted.

In Coronation Street, Norris has been living together quite happily in Emily’s house for 15 years. Following Emily’s recent fall, however, has prompted them both to think about what might happen to Norris in the event of Emily’s death.

It is unlikely that Emily and Norris have any formal agreement in place so if Emily has gifted her house to her niece and nephew in her Will, it is possible that Norris could be asked to move out fairly soon after Emily’s death and would be homeless.

If you do have a tenancy agreement in place, the terms of it would bind your estate in the event of your death. Upon expiry of the agreement, your tenant would be required either to enter in to another agreement or move out.

What can I do to protect my lodger in the event of my death?

Emily has decided to gift her house to Norris in her lifetime, given that he is as close as family to her. This is an option available to you and something we can help you with, however, it is possible that such a decision will not suit your own circumstances.

If you would prefer that your house is passed to, say, your children, or others, in the event of your death, but you are also concerned about what might happen to your lodger, you can address the problem in your Will, which is where we can help you.

Your Will can confirm that you wish to gift your property to your chosen beneficiaries, but also set out how long you wish your lodger to be able to continue living in your house after your death and upon what terms.

If you wish to discuss any of the issues outlined above or any other matters relating to Wills in general, please contact us.

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