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Mar 20, 2014

Bizarre Personal Injury Claims!

In Britain when it comes to standing up for our rights and filing personal injury claims we don’t hang around. 78% of cases filed in the UK at the moment are made by car crash victims with whiplash!

We decided to take a look at some of the most bizarre injury claims that were filled over 100 years ago and what they would be worth now!


  • A grocer from Lancashire slips whilst playing Blind Man’s Bluff – wins £15 (modern equivalent: £724!)
  • An innkeeper from Birmingham drinks poison after mistaking it for sleeping medicine – wins £1,000 (modern equivalent: £48,310!)


  • A pharmacist from Dublin trips on marble steps in a Turkish bath – wins £33 (modern equivalent: £1,594)


  • An artist from Swansea is blown over by a gale of wind – wins £30 (modern equivalent: £1,796)


  • A merchant from Essex hurts his eye throwing rice at a wedding – wins £50 (modern equivalent: £2,994!)


  • A merchant from Glasgow is injured as he jumps out of bed to catch his fainting wife – wins £42 (modern equivalent: £2,575!)


  • A shipbuilder from Great Yarmouth swallows a fish bone – wins £1,000 (modern equivalent: £57,000!)


  • A travelling salesman from Belfast bumps his head on a pole whilst watching another accident from the top of a tram – wins £7 (modern equivalent: £401!)

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